Relaxation Massage

Relaxation or Swedish Massage is a routine of broad flowing strokes covering your whole body relieving any tension and stress that it may be holding.   


Relaxation massage increases blood flow, releases toxins from the muscles, increases circulation, stretches ligaments and tendons, stimulates skin and soothes the nervous system. It reduces emotional and physical stress and is advised for a stress reduction program.


Techniques used are:

  • Smooth gliding strokes with the palms and forearms.
  • Kneading movements with the hands, thumbs and/or fingertips.
  • Circular pressures with the palms of hands, thumbs and/or fingertips.
  • Gentle movements that shake or vibrate the body.


As massage balm is use during your treatment it is necessary for you to undress to the extent that you feel comfortable, usually down to your underwear. However, you will be draped with a towel and only the part of the body I am massaging will be undraped.