Thanks again for the amazing massage last night
Tiffany, 24 May 2012

I feel vastly improved, I'm not the cripple I used to be.
Jean, 30 April 2012
You're the best, wonderful, amazing!
Marc 27 March 2012
Simon 28 March 2012
Bronwyn is the only one who can relieve my pain".
Adam, 29 March 2012
I feel like I am floating. You have wonderful hands.
Jean 29 February 2012
Bronwyn uses just the right amount of pressure. You can feel her getting in to the muscles without hurting or bruising.
Yvette 12 March 2012
Absolutely wonderful, amazing
Emma 16 January 2012
I feel great, thankyou
Caroline 28 September 2011
Bronwyn is a miracle worker. I feel so much better. I had two days without headache for the first time in many years.
Colleen 23 September 2011
" Amazing! You're a legend!"
Marc 16 September 2011
Oh that feels sooo much better!
Lidia 8 September 2011
"Thanks so much I feel terrific. I slept so well and have more range of movement."
Cathy 8 March 2011
"That was amazing"
Dom 31 Jan 2011
"Bronwyn has marvelous fingers"
Carmen 13 Jan 2011
"You are a miricle worker."
Kathryn 11 Jan 2011
"By the way, I am feeling really good after the massage on Saturday."
Nisha 15 December 2010
"I had the best nights sleep last night in a long time thanks to you. Thankyou!"
Steve 9 June 2010
"Thanks very much for the email and for the great massage yesterday!"
Monique, North Parramatta 18/11/2009
"Thank You Bronwyn for the terrific massage. I am feeling so much better already."
Michael, North Parramatta 18/11/2009
I've been to the chiropractor today and she was very pleased with how well my neck was feeling - so good work on your part Bronwyn. I'm seeing the chiropractor again on xx. Can I make an appointment to have a massage please on the day before.
Raewyn 16/09/2009
I came to Bronwyn after being recommended by my physio. I had major neck and shoulder pain from too much data entry and sitting for hours in an office that was affecting my health. I was pretty wound tight, emotional, stressed, and VERY VERY SORE. My back was pinching and hamstrings were very tight. I could hardly turn my neck when driving. When Bronwyn started treatment she had to work so lightly as my muscles were so tight. After repeat visits I have seen such an amazing improvement in my flexibility, reduction in pain, and feel so much healthier.

Bronwyn takes a 'whole life' approach, asks about lifestyle, exercise, work duties, and gets to the source of what you are putting your body through. She has shown me lots of stretches which fit into my lifestyle and continue her good work after I leave the massage table. I am conscious of the time I sit in one place without moving and make sure I am more active. I've seen the benefits of stretching, exercise, and massage on my health.

I admire Bronwyn's knowledge of the human body and her skills are so impressive ... and she is a really lovely person. I can't stop singing praises of Bronwyn and one of my friends has already joined the "I love Bronwyn" club.

Many thanks Bronwyn and I wish you many more happy customers!

Nicole, 31 9/09/2009

Thank you again for the great massage. I haven't been so relaxed in a long time, and I felt very good the next day!
Helna 27/8/2009

My neck felt fantastic after I saw you, and I've had my wisdom teeth out and have no discomfort! Thanks so much.
Mary, Physiotherapist. 18/08/2009

"I suffered a spinal injury 8 years ago that required me to have my C5 and C6 discs replaced. The surgery whilst mainly successful has still left some ongoing side effects, being restricted neck movement, pins and needles and muscle soreness around the neck area that has effected my general well being.

Bronwyn came highly recommended to me about 6 months ago by my physiotherapist who I have had constant contact with since my operation.

The benefits of Bronwyns massages were immediately obvious after the initial visit. Bronwyn has proven to be a blessing. She is very professional, caring and always willing to explain what she is doing and why she is doing it. I am very cautious about letting anyone treat me but I have the utmost confidence in Bronwyns abilities and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Steve, Fireman 25/07/2009

"Entering the third trimester of my first pregnancy I began to experience painful lower back aches and pains. This began to affect what had been a wonderful pregnancy to date and so I contacted Bronwyn for a pregnancy massage. Three days later I was a different person, and I continue to have 90min weekly massages with Bronwyn during this stage of my pregnancy. The benefits have been substantial.

Not only has the lower back pain diminished considerably but I have found that my sense of well being and ability to cope with the demands on my body during this last trimester has been greatly enhanced.

Bronwyn has a very intuitive style and I find that week to week she is able to pick up on what my body requires and tailors the massage to suit accordingly. I now wonder how I coped before getting my weekly massage with Bronwyn, the results have been so worthwhile."

Tara - Expectant Mum Ermington, NSW 24/07/2009

“My coach has been blown away with my improvement. I am running better than ever. Thanks so much for your wonderful treatments, they have relaxed my tense muscles."
Rami, elite sprinter 25/06/2009

“I have been seeing Bronwyn for almost 2 years for deep tissue massages and Swedish massages. Being an athlete, it’s very important to have massages on a regular basis and to find someone who you can trust with your body to get the best out of it. Every time after a hard training week or race Bronwyn would take 3 days of pain away in one session and I would be able to continue my training program the next day pain free. Bronwyn is very thorough and professional with her massages and knows how my body is feeling and what it needs. Anyone who is seeking any type of massage I would strongly recommend Bronwyn."

Blake - triathlete 02/02/2009

Bronwyn is fantastic. She fixed my headache."

Heidi 23/03/2009

“I have been using the massage services of Bronwyn for the past 12 months. I have been using massage as a therapy for my back, neck and feet for a number of years. This method to maintain a healthy body had led me to experience many Therapists who have different styles and use a variety of techniques. Bronwyn's approach is innovative as she combines the many different massage techniques to achieve very good outcomes. “
Lonie, trainer


"I sent a friend to see you. She was very impressed. She had tension headaches for three days straight, and she couldn't go to work... she said you were excellent, she can't stop talking about it"
Dr T - MB BS (Syd), FRACS

”I suffered with terrible neck pain for a very long time but after one deep tissue massage from Bronwyn the pain disappeared and the contributing factors addressed. The first session impressed me so much that I now have a permanent appointment every month – no more aches and pain for me – I feel great and I know I’m looking after my body with regular massage.
Robin - Marketing/Brand Manager 11/09/2008

“I had an injury from a motor vehicle accident over 20 years ago. The problem would recur from time to time. When I went to Bronwyn for treatment I was unable to stand straight and was in a lot of pain. After four massage sessions I was pain free and standing tall. She is certainly thorough, treating each muscle group, both superficially and deep. She has a confident and caring touch. I appreciate the relief gained by Bronwyn working the tension out of my muscles. I now go to her periodically when I feel my muscles start to tense and I have not had the problem since.”
Roy - Electrical Engineer

“I am a busy nurse who works night duty as well as long evening shifts, while studying full time. When Bron gave me my massages I was able to fully relax and felt the tension leave my tired body. I was greatly refreshed and can hardly wait to get my next massage.”
Elly, nurse and full-time student.

“As a full time Mum carrying my second child, Bronwyn’s pregnancy massage provided the perfect antidote for my tired and stressed body. Her carefully tailored massage relaxed and relieved me, and the warm and homely atmosphere of her clinic provided the perfect “time out” for a busy Mum!”
Mhora - mother of two toddlers

“Being a mother of eight does not allow time for much personal indulgence. When I experienced a Swedish Massage from Bron I discovered the ultimate relaxation. I could truly have gone off to sleep. It’s amazing how any tension your body may be holding, just seems to float away. Thanks Bron”
Joy, mother of 8

“As a mother of a 6 month old baby, it has been a special treat to have Bronwyn massage me regularly. It is so relaxing and my body feels totally refreshed after each treatment. I always look forward to the next massage with great anticipation. Bronwyn's gentle manner and caring attitude top it off beautifully.”
Raquel - mother of two toddlers.

“I’m a long time sufferer from chronic back and joint pain, yet Bronwyn’s massage has provided great relief from stiff and aching joints, as well as giving me much greater movement and flexibility.”
Phil - Youth worker

"Bronwyn has an amazing, 2-way touch. Just by listening to what I tell her about my aches and pains, and by feeling the muscles, tendons and skin, she knows
exactly what to do! She truly loves looking after people and helping where she can. Her amazing feel and skill, combined with her care, cheerfulness and
sense of humour, make each treatment a very special time."

Helna - Nursing sister

"My physiotherapist suggested that I get a few massages and was told that Bronwyn had helped one of her staff members. She told me to give her a go. What ever pain or ache you have – she has the magic fingers. This is one appointment I looked forward to.
Bronwyn – I am only sorry I did not find you years ago. Keep up the great work."
Mary, OAM