Sports Massage

“I have been seeing Bronwyn for almost 2 years for deep tissue massages and Swedish massages. Being an athlete, it’s very important to have massages on a regular basis and to find someone who you can trust with your body to get the best out of it. Every time after a hard training week or race Bronwyn would take 3 days of pain away in one session and I would be able to continue my training program the next day pain free. Bronwyn is very thorough and professional with her massages and knows how my body is feeling and what it needs. Anyone who is seeking any type of massage I would strongly recommend Bronwyn." Blake – triathlete

Massage is the most effective method of injury rehabilitation therapy for facilitating healing and preventing injury for the sports person.

Regular sports massage improves range of movement and muscle flexibility. Enabling the athlet to perform at their very best.

Sports massage is often used on injured athletes to speed healing and reduce downtime. It is also used on athletes after a workout to promote recovery and reduce the tension created by tight muscles. It increases circulation, reduces scar tissue, and relaxes the muscles. Sports massage prevents injuries and after massage muscles become supple and flexible.

Sports massage uses three main massage techniques:

  • Effleurage is a series of firm strokes, with the palm or forearm, used to warm the soft tissues.
  • petrissage is kneading and squeezing used to reach the deeper tissues to stretch muscle fibres, mobilize fluids and to facilitate relaxation.
  • Frictions use the thumb to feel for abnormalities in the muscles and break down scar tissue and adhesions in the muscle fibres. This technique may be painful as injured tissues may be involved.

Massage is one of the best ways to increase blood flow to an injured area, and of course the oxygen and nutrients that go with it.